Human nature is naturally discriminatory, for some strange reason. We blame without proof, classify without consideration, and shun without reason. Continue reading


Downs: Chemistry

I just finished my final exams in chemistry, and all I could say is SHIT. My neck hurts from ducking down. My hand aches from writing equations. And my heart screams because there’s a good chance I’m going to fail. The good news is, at least I’m going to fail with people I care about. If we fall, we fall together.


Why can’t we make our heart feel differently? We, humans, have done so much on earth. We probably changed the world more than any other species, but one thing we apparently can’t do is change how we feel. Even when we don’t want to feel something, there is nothing we can do, but suck the feeling up, whether it’s regret, anger, sorrow, or love.

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I have never felt like I actually belonged to any real group of people or any social class that determines on which level of the pack I’m in. The world runs on classism, because it helps people generalize others into easily understandable categories. Categories I don’t fit in so well. All my life, I’ve been in the grey area of things, maybe that’s why I love the color grey so much. Continue reading